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lunedì 23 novembre 2015

VIMEO: Stay warm and stream videos . (CLICK HERE)


We're here to deliver more ways to view, make, and sell awe-inspiring videos.
Hello, free peoples
In our native New York City, 'tis the season for staying indoors and streaming all kinds of things. Though in our separate homes, together we laugh, we cry, we TV-binge, and we rejoice in the insanely entertaining videos, films, and series found on the Internet these days. For instance...
 Build up a healthy appetite for three new Vimeo Originals
A fresh stack of Vimeo Originals !!!
Since High Maintenance, our first Vimeo Original, we've been itching to support more amazing creators and bring high-quality entertainment to your screen. Expect wonderful things in early 2016, including new episodes of Adam Goldman's The Outs, a short film by comedian Aidy Bryant (SNL), and a stand-up special from Bianca Del Rio (RuPaul's Drag Race).
Get excited
Amp up your personal brand with a one-minute video resume
Reel talk
What with 2015 winding down, it's time to start splicing and dicing your work until it's distilled into just your very best clips. For tips on making the best one-minute reel or video resume, enroll in this Skillshare class by our very own Mark Cersosimo, and pay a visit to our blog.
Get busy
Hit the bench and stream some cool things
What we're watching instead of football
There's more to life than food, and there's more to entertain us beyond highly televised American sporting events. Take, for instance, these recently Staff Picked videos we're seriously vibe-ing on. Huddle up on that sofa, and start streaming.
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Excuses for staying inside
Vimeo On Demand
Heart Like a Hand Grenade
Heart Like a Hand Grenade
More than a decade ago, we were strolling down our boulevard of broken dreams when Green Day's American Idiot first hit the shelves. Now, see the raw footage behind the creation of this Grammy Award-winning punk rock opera.
Last Days of Coney Island
Last Days of Coney Island
Celebrate the 77th birthday of director and animator Ralph Bakshi by streaming his new 22-minute mafia horror movie that follows the adventures of an NYPD detective and a colorfully seedy cast of amusement park lurkers.
Masters of Photography
Masters of Photography
Turn your quick snaps into thoughtful compositions. Go behind the shutter with National Geographic to learn secrets from 12 of the world's most sought-after photographers.
Now go enjoy these heart-toasting videos.
And if you're in the opposite hemisphere, well... lucky you.

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